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On Matters of Faith ~ A Harlot God Hath Desired ~ A Pastoral Encyclical on Freemasonry ~ The Apocrypha ~ The Divine Appearance of the Honoured Cross ~ The Rule of Attending to Oneself ~ Awake, Sleeper, Part 1 ~ Awake, Sleeper, Part 2 ~ Reasons for the Change of the Patristic Calendar ~ Supplicatory Canon to Saints Joachim and Anna ~ Miracle of Cassiope Icon of the Mother of God ~ Chinese New Martyrs ~  Concerning the True and False Councils ~ The Disconnect of World Orthodoxy from the Apostolic Faith ~ Do All Celebrities Go To Heaven When They Die? ~ Homily on Dormition by Saint Gregory Palamas ~ Falling in Love with the Orthodox Church ~ For What Purpose Am I Coming To Church? ~ Divine Services of the Holy Week ~ How to Raise a Juvenile Delinquent ~ How to Save the Soul? ~ In Defense of a Little Virginity ~ Is there Salvation Outside the Orthodox Church? ~ The Kollyvades ~ Ladies! Dare to be Feminine! ~ Letter on the Calendar Issue ~ Homily on the Myrrhbearing Women by Saint Gregory Palamas ~ Letter by Elder Sabbas on Commemorating the False Shepherds ~ The Orthodox Church - Heaven on Earth ~ Position Paper on "Awake, Sleeper" ~ Prayer of the Heart - Duty of Those Living in the World ~ Prayers on the Birth of a Child ~ Praying to the Saints ~ Preparation for the Mystery of Repentance ~ Preparation for the Holy Mystery of Confession ~ Scandals in the Church ~ Service of the Serbian Slava ~ Sister Churches ~ Life of Saint Lucia of Syracuse ~ The Rule of Saint Vincent of Lerins ~ What Canon Law Taught Me On Teen Dating ~ The Church's Most Ascetical Book ~ The Creed ~ The Cross in the Old Testament ~ The Eastern Orthodox Church ~ The Eucharist, the Word and the Bishop ~ The Form of Holy Baptism ~ The Frequency of Holy Communion ~ The Holy Trinity ~ The Seat of Moses ~ The Way of Life ~ The World: God's Creation ~ True Image of the Father ~ A New Teaching on Virgin Birth ~ What Orthodox Iconography Is ~ Why Not Abstinence? ~ Why Orthodox Christians Prefer Septuagint? ~ Will the Heterodox be Saved? ~ World Orthodoxy's Sister Church ~ ΟΡΘΟΔΟΞΙΑ ΠΟΛΕΜΟΥΜΕΝΗ


Newsletter of the Holy Orthodox Church in North America


Greek-language Orthodox Periodical


A Theological Periodical of the Holy Orthodox Church in North America