Articles of Faith, 2009-2012

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Articles of Faith, 2013

1.  Balaam’s Ass, Part 1, by Photios Kontoglou; 2.  Balaam’s Ass, Part 2, by Photios Kontoglou; 3.  Balaam’s Ass, Part 3, by Photios Kontoglou; 4.  Balaam’s Ass, Part 4, by Photios Kontoglou; 5.  Balaam’s Ass, Part 5, by Photios Kontoglou; 6.  Balaam’s Ass, Part 6, by Photios Kontoglou; 7.  The Fairy­Tale “Good Ole Days”; 8.  The Ethical Man and the Holy Man; 9.  A Banquet in the Desert; 10.  The Beautiful Daughter of the King

11.  How to Work Miracles; 12.  The Star of Bethlehem, by St. John Chrysostom; 13.  The Kollyvades, from Stephen Kommetas; 14.  The Martyrdom of the Holy Kollyvades; 15.  Not Pantheists; 16.  Latins and Latinizers; 17.  Psalm 19:1; 18.  The Mystic Tongs; 19.  The Robber Gospel; 20.  The Fast of the Shifty Animal; 

21.  Remembering the Reposed; 22.  On the Death of a Child, by St. Ephraim the Syrian; 23.  Capital Punishment in Christian Byzantium; 24.  What Works Work?; 25.  I Would Choose a Tiger; 26.  A Prayer for the Day; 27.  Keeping the Traditions; 28.  The Heresy of Donatus; 29.  What is Donatism?; 30.  Against the Heresy of Donatism, from The Great Geronticon; 

31.  The Train from Kazan; 32.  No Room for Snakes; 33.  The Two Commandments; 34.  Crystal Clear; 35.  Crystal Clear #2; 36.  Two Ways to Destroy a Carpet; 37.  How to Convince Greeks; 
Articles of Faith 2014

Articles of Faith 2015

1. Against Cremation; 2. Another Prophecy Fulfilled; 3. Axios!; 4. On the Brink of Eternity; 5. Casting Out Demons in Christ’s Name; 6. On a Christian Burial; 7. “Cretans Are Always Liars”; 8. A Cure for Depression; 9. “Desire Earnestly the Best Gifts”; 10. East Meets West; 

11. Emmanuel’s Almah Mater; 12. On Emotional Attachment; 13. Fidelity to Christ and Tolerance towards Others; 14. Fresh Chestnuts!; 15. The Garbage Man of Bagdad; 16. Good King Hezekias; 17. The Greek Soul; 18. The Heresy of Name-Fighters; 19. Holy Fools; 20. A Hymn of the Prophets; 

21. I’m Glad You Asked; 22. Is Mankind Rational?; 23. I Am a Jealous God; 24. Jewish Doctors; 25. Light a Candle; 26. A Bad Experience Can Be a Good Thing; 27. Not a Religion of Peace; 28. The Problem with Acts 20:35; 29. Pseudomorphosis; 31. The Repose of Moses; 

32. A Rerun; 33. The Rock That Marched with Israel; 34 “The Savour of Death”; 35. A Short Course in Orthodox Dogmatics; 36. Sinners of the World, Unite!; 37. Spiros and Stelios; 38. The Supreme Court’s Decision on “Same-Sex Marriage”; 39. The Terminal Logic of Secular Humanism; 40. The Three Doctors and the Physician of All; 41. Three Shortcuts to Orthodoxy; 

42. Two Good Books; 43. What Delight of Life Remaineth No Party to Grief?; 44. What Have We to Do with Thee, O Jesus?; 45. Wisdom is Justified by Her Children.

Miscellaneous Articles

Passages from the Church Fathers and Other Orthodox Christian Sources
Conerning our Saviour's Descent into Hades

A Reply to an Inquiry Concerning the 1913 Russian Synodal Decision

Why Orthodox Christians prefer the Septuagint



Hierodeacon Samuel (Nedelsky)
Clergy Synaxis, 2014

Hierodeacon Samuel (Nedelsky)
Clergy Synaxis, 2015

Hierodeacon Samuel (Nedelsky)
Clergy Synaxis, 2017