Monday, March 6, 2023

~Repose and Funeral of Mother Barbara, Nun and Pilgrimess~

On Sunday of Forgiveness, my beloved mother, Mother Barbara, nun and pilgrimess, rested from her long labours and reposed peacefully in the Lord.

Mother Barbara suffered greatly for almost a year, and especially during the last month of her illness. But she did not complain, having her eyes set steadfastly on the promise of our Saviour to give us imperishable crowns in the age to come for patient suffering in this life.

Now she is in our Saviour’s warm embrace, purified like gold with suffering, illumined with Holy Mysteries, blessed with Holy Unction and cleansed with Absolution. 

May our dear Saviour rest the soul of our sweet Mother Barbara with the Saints, and may her memory be eternal. Amen.


On Clean Tuesday, we committed to earth our beloved Mother Barbara. She is buried in the church yard of our parish of Dormition in Tbilisi, Georgia, a church that she loved so much and the grounds of which she laboured tirelessly to beautify with trees and flowers. Her grave is right outside the church house where I live when visiting Georgia. So, even after her death, I, her unworthy son, will be blessed to be close to the resting place of her earthly tabernacle. 

It will not be an exaggeration to say that during the wake on Monday and the funeral on Tuesday, hundreds of people came to bid her farewell. Family, relatives, friends, classmates, etc and etc. It shows that she was much loved during her life. But, as I said in the Encomium at her funeral, the bright example of her life is overshadowed by the example of her death, for, Mother Barbara met her end with singular faith, hope and courage. 

May your memory be eternal, dearest Mother, and may you enjoy the good things of the Lord in the land of the living for which you yearned with your whole being. Amen.

+ Gregory, m.