Thursday, January 26, 2023

The Presence of our Church on the Internet

Beloved Faithful,

After successfully creating our YouTube channel that allows us to upload videos (both long and short), and even to write and share with subscribers text posts with photos, from now on we will be actively using YouTube.

But our new presence on YouTube will in no way supplant what, in our estimation and for our particular needs, is the best social media out there—the Telegram app. Our Telegram channels have been immensely helpful and tremendously successful in keeping our Church connected, in bringing us reports with photos and videos from the parishes and missions near and far, in sharing edifying materials and in even in running an online Theological School, So, Telegram will remain our main means of communication within our Church. 

However, in order to reach out “those outside”, we shall start using, as said above, our YouTube channel too, because it provides an excellent opportunity of sharing to the wider public the information that we post among us on Telegram. Plus, the YouTube’s new tool of Community Posts allows us to share not only the videos, but even posts with texts and photos.

Therefore, Telegram and YouTube will be our means of communication, the former for those mainly within our Church and the latter for reaching mainly the wider public outside our Church. 

On top of that, we also have our traditional internet website where we keep our extensive archive of articles, documents, encyclicals, etc. 

As for the Metropolis Facebook Page, its use will be discontinued permanently. We will archive  its contents for the sake of the past postings, but it will no longer be be active.

So, here are the spaces of our Church’s presence in the virtual world. Join, subscribe and bookmark respectively: 

Our Telegram:

Our YouTube:

Our Website:

In Christ,

+ Gregory, metropolitan