Thursday, February 10, 2022


Since our founding in 1961, the Holy Transfiguration Monastery has had it as our mission to bring into English all the liturgical books needed to chant the full cycle of services of the Orthodox Church. Beginning with the Psalter in 1974, we have printed the Pentecostarion, the Great Horologion, the complete Menaion, Holy Week, the bilingual Holy Week and Pascha, and the Octoëchos.

Today, on February 10, we received from the printers the first shipment of the Triodion, which was the first of the liturgical books to be translated by us, and the last to be revised and published.


This edition of the Triodion is meant to be used with our edition of Holy Week.


The Triodion contains all the complete services from the Sunday of the Publican and the Pharisee through Matins and the Sixth Hour of Friday before Palm Sunday; Holy Week contains the services from Lazarus Saturday through Holy Saturday. Together, these two books provide everything in the modern Greek editions of the Triodion.


Printed in red and black throughout, and bound in a durable library binding, in the same size and format as the twelve volumes of our Menaion, the Pentecostarion, the Octoëchos, and Holy Week.


Visit the monastery webpage to place an order, or to download PDFs of the first page of the Introduction, explaining the division into two books, the Triodion and Holy Week, and the Table of Contents of the Triodion.

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