Tuesday, April 15, 2014

Saint Mark of Ephesus Orthodox Cathedral in Boston

Update of April 1/14, 2014, Great and Holy Monday

In January 2014, the Suffolk County Superior Court ordered the clergy who had initiated a lawsuit and who had been occupying the Metropolis’s Cathedral to return the keys for the Cathedral to the Metropolis within 30 days. Despite this clear Court decision in favor of the Metropolis, these clergy decided to file an appeal and their attorneys claimed that they did not have to obey the Court’s order during the appeal process. At the end of a short trial that the Court scheduled and held today, the Court rejected this claim and issued a decision holding these clergy in contempt of court for disobeying a clear court order. The Judge ordered that the keys for the Cathedral must be transferred to the Metropolis this week and that no items on the property may be removed or damaged.

As we have stated in all our previous announcements, the Metropolis wants to reassure everyone that when the hierarchs and priests of the Metropolis are able to serve the Divine Liturgy in their Cathedral, all Orthodox Christian faithful will once again be welcome to attend all liturgical services and functions at the Saint Mark of Ephesus Orthodox Cathedral in Boston.

The Metropolis would like to thank all those hierarchs, clergy, monastics, and lay Christians from throughout North America and from abroad, who have encouraged us, prayed for us, and supported us in various ways during these difficult months. We will inform everyone promptly when the keys to our Cathedral are returned to our hierarchs this week, in accordance with the Court’s order.

Holy Orthodox Metropolis of Boston