Thursday, November 7, 2013

Concelebrations and Internet Resources

Beloved faithful,

In response to several requests for more information about what is happening in our Church, the Metropolis of Boston has compiled the attached document regarding our unity in the Orthodox Faith with the Holy Synod of the True Orthodox Church of Greece under His Beatitude, Archbishop Makarios of Athens and All Greece. This joyous unity has already been documented with official reports, countless pictures, and several videos, almost all of which are now online. The videos of the hierarchical concelebrations in Greece between the North American hierarchs and the synod of bishops under Archbishop Makarios were made and posted on the Internet by the Metropolis of Thessalonica. For the sake of those faithful who may not know where to find all of these resources, we have also added a long list of these websites, reports, pictures, and videos so that our faithful might find them more easily. We have also attached a scan of the Greek text of the Synodal Encyclical of May 20, 2013 (old style) issued by Archbishop Makarios for his Holy Synod expressing their joy at the unity we have achieved. The scan was taken from the official periodical of the Synod of Archbishop Makarios, Ὀρθόδοξον Πατερικὸν Σάλπισμα. This periodical is widely distributed in Greece, but is hard to find in North America. An English translation of this encyclical has already appeared at

It is our hope that interested faithful will frequently return to the metropolis’s website for articles about the Holy Orthodox Faith and news about our Church.

In Christ,
+Ephraim, Metropolitan of Boston