Saturday, August 24, 2013

St. Peter the Aleut Camp 2013: Conclusion of One Unforgettable Week

On the final day (August 11/24) of a week-long St. Peter the Aleut Orthodox Youth Camp in the Sunopee Lake Region, NH, an island in the local Baptist Pond was dedicated to St. Herman of Alaska, the Enlightener of America. 

The whole camp rowed to the island in boats and canoes, where a small supplicatory service was chanted to St. Herman, St. Peter the Aleut and to St. Juvenaly of Alaska, followed by the blessing of the island with holy water. 

Fr. Peter Farnsworth had brought with him a small stone from the Kodiak Island, which he had picked up during his pilgrimage to St. Herman's grave. We left the stone behind on the newly-dedicated island of our Holy Father Herman. May his prayers be always with us. Amen. 

This and other activities of the Camp can be viewed here: